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An idea was born

Katharina, one of our founders, came up with the idea for foodloose during her studies in California in 2009. Student snacks were needed to get her through the long days at university. But conventional mixtures quickly got the better of her. So she put together her own mix of fruits and nuts.

The original idea was born when Katherine met Verena during exchange student semester in Barcelona long before that.  In 2011, they officially pursued their mission together and brought foodloose to life.

A positive stubbornness in us

We have always done things a little differently. Starting with the clean, vegan recipes, for which we were initially declared crazy, to weeks of production by hand, because no producers believed in us at first.

In general, we are a rarity as female founders in the food sector. A big part of our personal happiness is to leave a positive impact. That is what we want to bring to the world with foodloose.

Natural snacks only

Our organic snacks combine the best of nature and our passion! We stand for natural products of the highest quality!

We want to produce the most natural snacks without industrial sugar and create a taste explosion from the best organic raw ingredients.

1% for happiness

With our snacks, we create moments of happiness and support social projects by donating 1% of our sales to social projects that are particularly close to our hearts.

1% for Happiness goes to the Hamburger Tafel - everyone wins here! Food retailers and manufacturers can take responsibility and donate surplus food to benefit needy people. Waste is avoided and resources are conserved.

In addition, together with nestwärme e.V., we ensure that families with seriously ill children who live in isolation at home continue to feel the warmth of the nest.

We are Climate Neutral

Together with ClimatePartner, we have reached climate neutrality for our company and all our products following three steps. We first calculated our CO2 emissions and took all our emissions into account, for example emissions from the cultivation of raw materials, transport to retailers and the disposal of packaging.

Avoiding and reducing emissions is our top priority, which we are already doing wherever possible, for example by reducing packaging waste.

For remaining emissions, for which we have yet to find a solution, we also take responsibility and compensate them. We do so by supporting an internationally verified climate protection project.

Our Climate Partner report: click here

Our products are Plastic Neutral

The best possible protection of our products is our top priority. Our packaging is not only a guarantee for the best possible taste and freshness of our snacks, but also complies with hygiene standards. Optimal shelf life also reduces food waste and is therefore an important part of our mission.

As a result, the requirements for our packaging are extremely high. Unfortunately, we haven't found any plastic-free packaging that meets the product requirements and can be recycled yet. Until then, we are using a so-called mono-material. We have consulted with various packaging as well as circular economy experts. They have recommended us to use only one material layer. Nevertheless, we are not happy yet and continue to search for a plastic-free, recyclable packaging solution

Therefore, we have reduced the thickness of our packaging as a first step. Together with Cleanhub, we also offset the amount of packaging we put into circulation each year by financially supporting a waste collection project in Kerala, India.