Collection: Biosüße (BioSugar)

Indulge in sweet cravings with a clear conscience. Biosüße is Europe’s first calorie-free alternative to sugar in certified organic quality. Produced by natural fermentation from organically grown maize - without sugar or synthetic sweeteners, flavours and additives. Controlled and certified by German BIO/Organic Institutes.

Biosüße is ideal for all who seek calorie-conscious nutrition. Suitable for vegans and diabetics. Natural sweetness, gluten-free and contains neither fructose or lactose.

Organic erythritol instead of sugar in food and beverages has a positive effect on tooth mineralization. It has been in use around the world for 25 years and occurs naturally, e.g. in ripe fruits. Pure enjoyment, no regrets!

Welcome to the paradise!

From now on, you can enjoy cakes, biscuits, and desserts completely without worrying about your figure or health.

Biosüße (BioSugar) is Europe’s first and only certified organically produced calorie-free alternative to sugar. Mild sweetness, its taste is round and WITHOUT Stevia!

What makes Biosüße (BioSugar) so unique?

By using Biosüße you are able to enjoy sweets without regrets. So far, there were hardly any alternatives to sugar: artificial sweeteners are often suspected of harming your heath. Natural sweeteners, such as Stevia, have a disappointing taste themselves or are excessive sweet, so that they are no suitable for baking. Birch sugar or xylitol have less calories and are tooth-friendly but still contain calories and crabs and often affect the digestive system. 

Erythritol, the raw material for Biosüße, has an exceptional good tolerability, pleasant sweetness, and absolutely no calories. The raw material Erythritol in Biosüße is entirely of organic quality, that is controlled and certified by the German institute CERES

Who should use Biosüße?

Biosüße is the ideal sweetener for a healthy and balanced nutrition. Children generally like Biosüße that not only protects their milk teeth but also prevents them as well as the whole family from excessive sugar consumption. Biosüße helps to save calories and supports special forms of nutrition such as ketogenic diet, paleo, low carb, Atkins, and Dukan as it is carb-free. 

Biosüße does not affect blood glucose levels, which is good news for diabetics. It is not metabolized via fructose and it is free of lactose and gluten. People suffering from fructose or lactose intolerance, coeliac disease use Biosüße. Even patients with Candidose are able to enjoy sweets without regrets, as in contrast to sugar Biosüße does not nourish the infection.

Is Biosüße suitable for cooking and baking?

Biosüße is heat-stable and its volume is similar to sugar. Therefore, simply adding Biosüße makes nearly every favourite recipe healthier. 

You are not keen of cooking? You can naturally use Biosüße for your coffee or tea, mix refreshing lemonades or pep up your yoghurt or muesli. Biosüße is the ideal supplement for your daily menu.

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