Collection: Lecka

We predominantly use high-quality, natural ingredients from Southeast Asia. No artificial preservatives, no artificial colours, no additives, no added sugar.  We believe such ingredients give everything one needs to live a healthy life. Whether you’re exercising, in the office, or on-the-go, Lecka is the perfect snacking partner. 


Additionally, single-use plastic packaging was a big no-no for us so we tested the most innovative eco-friendly materials that would match our vision: To do good for people & the planet!

Asian Produce ∙ Asian Flavours

Lecka uses Asian fruits as the main flavours: Mango Coconut, Pineapple Macadamia, Chocolate Banana and Banana.  It's unusual to find these deliciously natural flavours in energy bars available in the market.  

The texture of the bars are also designed to offer good chewing experience, without bits and pieces getting stuck in your teeth. 

Nutrition for an Active Lifestyle

Many studies have shown that a plant-based diet has amazing health benefits. Legumes, fruits and vegetables contain all the necessary macro and micro nutrients and can lead to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and body weight. 

We only use natural ingredients. No added sugar, artificial additives, colorings, flavorings, preservatives.

Sustained Natural Energy

Our unique formula serves both the needs of an athlete and an active person. 

A healthy dose of energy (about 120 calories per product), suitable for use before, during or after exercise. Just enough to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to keep going. 

Nuts, fruits and coconut nectar in our products have an average glycemic index of around 50-6, to avoid sugar high but ample to energize you soon.

Ethically Sourced ∙ Locally Made

We use mainly ingredients we could find here in Vietnam and Asia to minimize carbon emissions in the supply chain. We work with local, privately owned, sustainable farming businesses in Vietnam. 

To keep the high quality of our products, we own the manufacturing facility, just outside of Hanoi, in order to have full control of the input and output of our products. Here's a view from our factory - right in the middle of nature.

We promise German quality, made in Vietnam.

We are carbon neutral

Lecka has become the first carbon-neutral snack in Vietnam. 

We reviewed carbon footprint that we generate, from packaging to sales. and employee commute. 

We are now aiming to further reduce our emissions by implementing even more environmentally friendly processes, while also offsetting our carbon footprint by purchasing carbon credits from projects in Vietnam.

Biodegradable Packaging

We use bio-based, home-compostable packaging. 

The packaging consists of 3 layers: paper, cellulose and corn starch. It has similar characteristics to plastic in terms of moisture and oxygen resistance, BUT unlike plastic, it has the ability to decompose within 12 months into CO2, H2O and organic waste without leaving any harmful residue. 

Our packaging materials have been certified 100% food safe and can be completely decomposed at home by TUV Austria, leading certification body in Europe.