Collection: not only powder

not only powder (nop) gives new life to expiring and ugly fruits from fruit producers and suppliers, staying true to our commitment to using sustainable, and natural ingredients. We started because we wanted to encourage, not only living a healthy lifestyle but saving food and embracing sustainability in a creative way. Hence, not only powder.


not only powder uses the latest technologies and methods to create high-quality and innovative products that are both healthy and delicious.


not only powder breaks the vicious circle of food waste and reduce CO2 emission. Nourishing the planet, every bite makes a difference!


not only powder are designed to be convenient and easy to use for busy people who want to eat healthy saving time or resources to prepare meals.

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Freeze Drying Technology

Freeze-drying is a low temperature de-hydration process under a vacuum condition in which the ice can change directly from solid to a vapor. It can retain about 95 - 97% of the fruit nutrition especially vitamin.

A Real-time Data of Supply Chain

Our partnered groceries, fruit bars can update their ugly fruits inventory via our system and communicate with us. All the information can be accessed on a single platform throughout the day, without any hassle.

AI Technology (Coming soon)

Our  leverages advanced computer-vision technology, which looks with insight into the surface of the ugly fruits and analyzes factors such as size, color, stem color or any visible defect remove human subjective bias errors.