Collection: POW

The POWer of clean, healthy and natural food.

Be it super food like black maca and camu camu from the depth and altitude of Peru in South America, or clean and healthy snack from Europe to Asia, rest assured that we have screened them stringently, both the ingredients and the material that they are packed in, before they are let in through the door.

We only bring you the cleanest and greenest choices.

Home-compostable Packaging

We've worked tirelessly to seek packaging material that produces the least impact to our planet.

We've researched and spent time studying and learning from proprietors of innovative materials from abroad. However, in order to truly be an eco-conscious solution, we have to rely on regional if not local providers. Only until recently, we finally found a packaging partner that works with international certified standard materials who is thankfully near enough to not cause much carbon footrprint.

We are proud to say that POW is packed in paper and fully home-compostable material, certified "OK COMPOST HOME" by TUV Austria, and BioPBS certified by BPI.

We promise to do our best to avoid plastic. We invite you to join us on our journey to remove plastic from our life!